Friday, November 11, 2016

Hey guys! Tomorrow is going to be exciting! I got asked to be apart of Macy's Bakersfield Impulse Beauty Event! Its exciting to be working with a major department store - but to also hangout with some of you! I will be doing a LIVE makeup tutorial @1pm so make sure to drop by and say hi! 

The products I am using I am bringing with me! 
Here are just a few that I will be applying totally LIVE with no editing...bloobers and all haha:

Master Palette by Mario

Contour Cream Kit Light 

Smooth Operator Amazonian clay setting powder

Better Than Sex Mascara 

Vice Lipstick Vintage Capsule Collection 

Which ones are your favorites and which ones are on your list??

If you do stop by the event - please tag me!! Watch out I am a hugger and a kisser haha.
See you all soon and thank you so much for your love and support. I love you all! 

*Latina Kisses*

Day to Night Smoky Spiced Eye

Friday, August 19, 2016

The perfect Day to Night Smoky Spiced Eye one stop into Ulta Beauty away!

I have partnered with Ulta Beauty x Byrdie Beauty to walk you through a very iconic look
: The Smoky Eye - but with a bit of spice - just in time for Fall. I love when the weather starts to cool down and so do all of the makeup trends. Using too much black on these eyes can lead to a makeup nightmare - so I opted for a fall favorite that's warm and beautiful: chestnut bronze. Sticking with warm tones on the eyes is the easiest to blend, and will look fantastic with every skin tone.

I have posted beauty tutorials to YouTube for years and this look is the most requested! Smoky eyes look amazing on everyone - it is classic - perfect for so many occasions from red carpet events to a selfie with your girlfriends at happy hour!

You would be pleasantly surprised to find this look is so easy to recreate, so beginners this one is for you! I am a mother of a 7 year old so when I have the chance to sit and do my makeup - its only for a few minutes! So many are intimidated by the look and assume it requires so many expensive products. I love shopping at Ulta Beauty because I can find products that you would find in both drugstores and department stores, plus some brands and products that are exclusive to their store as well

Now for the fun part - What you will need:
Many assume you need a huge makeup collection to achieve a smoky eye, but honestly, it only takes a handful of products and they all can fit in this small makeup bag!

Whats inside:

One step at a time.

 To start any look, you need a good eye shadow base. The Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow primer will not only make your shadows last longer, it will enhance the colors as well.

If you have been following me on YouTube you might have seen me use this next product many times. The Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Crayon in Bad Bronze is the perfect brown shadow for any skin tone. This pencil is a creamy product so I like to apply it directly to my lids and blend in with a brush

The Ulta Gel Eye liner in Black Out is so smooth going onto your skin, there will me no pulling or tugging around the eyes. I add this deep shade to my water line and smudge out with a pencil brush

This versatile palette from Tarte Cosmetics is called IN BLOOM. It has every shade you would need for classic to bombshell looks all in one compact case. I love the mix of shimmer and mattes. Today I am topping off the cream shadow stick with "Rebel" to soften up the edges and create that smoky effect we are after.

To finish off the eyes, apply 2 coats of mascara and a pair of dramatic lashes. I also popped in a bit of glitter from NYX in the shade Copper for fun!

At Ulta Beauty there are so many options I am sure you will go home with more than you went in for haha. Hopefully you found this post helpful! Make sure to tag me on social media when you rock your smoky spiced eyes (#sccastaneda)! If you have a few new items on your makeup list after reading this post - you're welcome! Thank you so much for stopping in and until next time...

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The Coral Experience

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Travel Diary: Ensenada, Mexico

I have been traveling so much in the past month and its been a blast! If you need to catch up - follow me on Instagram. I am not proud to admit that I have fallen off my fitness routine and ate like it my job for weeks haha. Luckily my last stop was a 4 Day Wellness Program in beautiful Ensenada, Mexico. If you are looking to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle - this program is perfect!

I read the news often and my family is from Mexico, so the first concern I had was safety. I can't stress enough how safe, confident and comfortable I was traveling into Mexico thanks to the shuttle service offered at the hotel. We went straight through the boarder, through the tolls without an issue or delay IN BOTH DIRECTIONS (in and out).  I have so many horror stories of hotels NOT looking like they appeared online, Hotel Coral & Marina was the exact opposite! It looked like a private oasis located right on the Marina and it was beautiful! (BELOW) The deep terra-cotta colored structure stands out among the surrounding hotels. 

I enjoyed the walk through and around the hotel which was full of beautiful art. This particular piece reminds me and when I nursed my son...TMI? Isn't it amazing what a woman's body is capable of?

When we checked into our suite, we went straight to the private patio connected to our room and soaked up the view. The property was clean, tropical, and welcoming.

We had the best gift waiting for us - food! We also received folders that included our schedules for the next few days starting with dinner. I am a foodie so I can't wait for you to see how beautiful the food was! My first outfit change was into a little black dress. 

The food was prepared in the cleanest way possible. Nothing fried, oily, salty, but never lacking flavor. Although this is healthier than I eat on a normal basis...I left the table full and feeling amazing! I can't tell you how many times I felt like I needed to rent a forklift to get me out of a restaurant haha - this was not one of them! Each meal came with a few courses. Here are a few plates I had along the way - including a banana pudding and a popular Mexican cocktail:

Now that I have made you all hungry, lets talk about fitness! As part of the program we were provided with private classes like ocean front yoga, circuit training and new to my life: FeldenkraisHopefully this is an accurate description, but from my understanding, through the Feldenkrais Method you can increase your ease and range of motion, flexibility, and coordination. It is said to enhance functioning in other aspects of your life as well. I am a damn mess so Ill take all the help I can get haha. We took this class at the end of the day and it changed the way I slept - like I not one care in the world! The instructor, Logan Fisher, who also leads yoga for the program was knowledgeable and made everyone feel comfortable and excited about fitness. Didn't hurt he was good looking too ;)

There was a private conference room for health and wellness educational talks. This room also doubled as their Feldenkrais studio. 

Our off site trip was to a local vineyard. We went on a morning hike to one of the largest Persian cucumber farms, wine tasting, and a beautiful breakfast followed by yoga right there in the vineyard. To be honest it was so hot and uncomfortable outside I didn't eat. I was a little disappointed there was only one wine to taste - I, like the next, love a good flight of wine and a cheese board when I go wine tasting. Also due to the others in our group being senior citizen who were not able to walk for long, we had to return to the hotel before we planed. 

We ate, worked out, and it would not be a vacation without a little pampering! We were scheduled for facials, massages, and a hair treatment. The C Spa was beautiful, clean and very luxurious. 

The massage I had was unforgettable. I have had many massages before but this one took the cake! I almost feel asleep! When it was over I was so sad, by far the massage was the best service out of the three. Next was a blowout. The products they used in the salon could have been better, also the guy who did my hair was so nervous (because he was new), was shaking and sprayed me in the face and in my ears with water haha. I am happy to report I was not wearing makeup. 

I could have done without this service, but how cool did the dryer look?? I also received a facial which was out of my comfort zone. I am used to being told what products are going to be put on my face and she did not explain anything - that made me very uneasy. Aside from that little hiccup - the rash on my face cleared up! THANK YOU! 

Since leaving the Hotel Coral & Marina's Wellness Program I am still eating clean, working out and incorporating a few Feldenkrais positions to help relieve minor body pains before sleeping! I would love to go back for the summer #coralexperience and to stay on track with my new lifestyle. Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post...

*Latina Kisses*