My Review - Pictures of my shoes

Friday, June 17, 2011

Love her or hater - I love

I know there has been a lot of buzz around Kim Kardashian's shoe club, so I had to try it for myself. I placed my order over the weekend and received my selection 3 days later!

(I included this picture just because she looks beautiful)

I ordered the nude/camel wedges - Style CIJI It felt like a gift in the mail! They were neatly wrapped in tissue, came with a hot pink dust bag. The shoe box itself was hot pink too!Front View......Side View

These look great paired with Skinny Jeans. They are very comfortable and true to their size! I just got an email notifying me of member deals / sales so I will make sure to keep you all updated if I purchase something else. is a monthly subscription service BUT if you do not see something that you can select SKIP to skip that month.

I suggest searching "promo code for" for the most up to date discount codes (that's what I did). My first order was $22.50 which included rush shipping. Usually it is about $40 a month.


I also filmed a YouTube video if you are interested in listening to my thoughts of the website and my over experience CLICK HERE


Have you tried Love it or hate it?

*Latina Kisses*

Our Visit to NYX Cosmetics HQ

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I could not believe it!

Being active on Twitter has led to so many awesome opportunities. I tweeted about how much I love NXY Cosmetics Creme Blush and I instantly got a message from the company PR lady. I was so excited I think I sent a mass text to my friends and family haha. I know it may not be that big of a deal for most, but I was totally jazzed!

When I get invited to cool events and trips like this, I try to invite one of my best friends so they get to experience it with me. Sharing the love. I have a roommate, Crystal, so she gets first dibbs lol. First on the agenda was to drop off Jude with his daddy then set off to Los Angeles for the interview.

Driving like the cops were chasing us, we got there in 30 mins tops. Crystal and I have both been wearing NYX for about 10 years now so this was super exciting...The decor in the office was stunning. Made me want to go home and paint the front room gray.

Look at this vanity on wheels!

The show room was amazing!! All the products they have made and are coming out with were on display...we were drooling!

I think it was the night before, maybe a day or two, Crystal spent $45 on NYX nail polishes and she was amazed by the nail display.

My cheesy smile haha. This is Evegail; the sweetest most down to earth PR lady...shes younger than me!...I have ever met. We had a nice long chat before the interview. I was very comfortable with her.

On our way out I snapped this picture of their press closet filled with fliers and such. Such a neat place to visit! Before we left I was able to pick out anything my heart desired...even better...Crystal was given the same treatment! We are so thankful!


We were starving, and we had our hearts set on visiting FOREVER21 in Old Town Pasadena, so we picked a sushi spot on the strip. Kabuki has out door dinning and it was perfect out so it was a must!

To drink: Cucumber Mojito, and a Kirin for Crystal. My drink was so fresh.

Miso Soup is Jude's favorite...I missed my little bunny when I was slurping this down haha.

I dont remember what this was called but it was tuna inside with rice around it and fried. It was terrible. Urrp

Food came fast! We both had a Ninja Deluxe (Lunch Special) and it was only $10

Veggie and Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, California Roll, Bowl of rice, Soup and Salad!

After we fueled up we went shopping! I have heard so much about Zara so I wanted to take a peek. I was surprised to find NOTHING that I liked. I was so disappointed. Boo.

Forever21 in Pasadena is HUGE! I knew I would find something in here that I would like. I love it here because everything is so affordable and if it gets messed up in the wash you wont kill yourself over it.

Crystal was tearing it up!

One of my subbies who was sooo freakin cute and very helpful! Thanks girl!!

On our way home we passed a SONICS...I thought they only had them on the East Coast so I had to go see what it was all about. Its basically a drive thru where you can park and take your sweet time and eat in the car.

They dont walk...they skate hahah.

I love Coconut juice so Crystal recommended "Ocean Water" it was sooo tasty I wish I got a medium lol.

The drive home felt like it took ages! It was a good day, if I could I would do it again. I think we said we wanted to have lunch together every Tuesday because it was so nice to bond over a good meal.

*Latina Kisses*