Thanksgiving 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is finally here!
I was dreading it honestly. I didn't want the holidays to come because I didn't want the day to come that my little Dunka family was apart. I cant hide from it, so I have to make the best of it.
Of course something has to go wrong for the day to be complete and it had to be the oven! Our oven took a vacation day on the worst day of the year. Good thing our awesome neighbors were there to save the day!
Jude was really cranky and I knew it was almost time for a nap but before I let his head hit the pillow I wanted to shower us up and get dressed for the big day.

My details:
Lace One Shoulder Top and Belt by Forever21
Black Jeggings by Fashion Q
Nude Wedges by BCBG Generation
Jude's Details:
Top and Jeans by H&M
Shoes by VANS
Showing mommy some love
Me and my beautiful Mom, I wish I looked more like her.
I wish I had more pix of the kids but they were blurry!!
This is Denise and Emily, my twin's daughters. They are not twins.
Jude with his Tio Raymond, my big brother.
It was an interesting day for me emotionally.
I love my family very much. They are a group of very loving and forgiving people. No matter what happens, that will never change.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday and got full on turkey and all the fixings! I know I did. I'm snacking on some stuffing as I type this haha. Who's loca enough to hit up the stores for Black Friday? Not me!
*Turkey Kisses*

Lunch at Gin's : Outfits of the day

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What to do on a cloudy day?
Carly and I wanted to go to the beach, Venice Beach to walk the boardwalk and pick out some new earrings that we have been talking about...but Jude has been sick so we decided to get some lunch indoors instead. Sushi is always a good idea so we went to our favorite spot: Gin's Sushi.

I felt like a gypsy today haha. I didn't think it was cold enough to bundle up so here are
my details:
Braided headband,
Buckle Boots, and
Mickey Mouse T-shirt (I cut the neck so it would be off the shoulder) by FOREVER21
Scarf by Total Fashion
Skinny Jeans by Charlotte Russe
Jude's Details:
Mustang Sweatshirt by Walmart
Jeans by TARGET
Shoes by VANS
Carly has been on a Military kick lately, check out her new video here.
Carly's Details:
Long lace and ruffled tank top by WINDSORS
Military Jacket by MUDD at KHOLS
Black leggings at Target
Black handbag (n/a)
Sam and Libby Combat boots at ROSS
Sun Glasses
Time to grub. Jude loves his uncle Carl hahahahhaha.
I wanted to enjoy a nice hot green tea but the one they served me was really...nutty. Yuck! Coke it was! I have been drinking more sugar and I know I need to stop it!
I am really blessed to have good people around me that include my son and love him and embrace him. Not a lot of people can say that about their friends. I know that Jude is young and he can be a handful, but I know that when I need a break I can count on good people like Carly to help me out. WE LOVE YOU CARLY!
I took the coke away and he looks like hes saying "Please!" haha. I stole a kiss after this picture was snapped.
He loves miso soup! I make it at home too.
I think they thought I was a food critic. This is what I always order...a Lobster Special. Soooo good but its getting smaller and more expensive every time I go in.
We also went to Target but I will save those goodies for another post.
Love you all, even the meanies...because you need the most love...
*Latina Kisses*

VIVE: Outfit of the Night

Saturday, November 20, 2010

VIVE, Pasadena Ca
I wanted to start posting little outfit posts here and there. I am not the most fashionable but I try!
We went to hit up a lounge in Old Town Pasadena Ca where Bee's friend was DJing called VIVE. I have been there once before a long time ago and I don't remember it being so crowded.
It was raining and this loca was wearing a skirt! I have had this vintage looking skirt for a long time now but was too big to wear it. Now that I shed a few pounderosa lol I made it work!
Plain Black Scoop Neck T-Shirt &
Vintage Inspired Flower Skirt by MIRY (n/a)
Necklace by FOREVER21
Clutch by MaggieBags
I know Carly got her top from a shop called Fashion Q in Azusa Ca, but I loved her confidence in these awesome Burberry inspired tights.
This is Bee. Shes the cutest girl in town, get down with those leggings mama. She has the cutest black leather COACH clutch that I need to get soon soon, maybe as a gift to myself for Christmas haha.
Say Cheese!

I did film a video for this look if anyone is interested :)
*Latina Kisses*

My Pedicure tools

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pedicure time!

I was over due for a polish change, and boy was I happy to receive this in the mail. I usually give myself a pedicure in the tub and its a pain in the back...literally.

This is how the foot bath looks on the BeautyChoice website.

It has everything the spa would have except the comfy chair...but there is no need to leave the house. The center feature is a pumice stone to rub away dead skin from the bottom of your feet. If I had to change one thing about it....I would have it spin.

The water warms up really quick and gets so hot that I could see the steam come out! It felt really good and relaxing. In this next picture is a closer view of the foot roller and the water jets. The space in the tub is so large it is said to accommodate a male size 12 foot, so you can hook up your man's feet too lol.


The Tools:

My SIGMA MAKEUP MAXBAG in BLEU. This bag is the best! I use it for everything from makeup, baby items like wipes and diapers, makeup brushes, and today my pedicure kit.

I always have some Q-tips, Eyeshadow brush used to clean up my paint job and perfect for french tip design, dental tool that I use to make flowers because of the ball point, nail cutters, and of course cuticle cutters.
I like to use products from Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy line, especially anything that claims to put me to sleep. Don't threaten me with a good time.

As promised in my video that features all of this good stuff a list of the nail polishes I had stashed in my MAXBAG.

Top to Bottom: OPI "Going Ape-ricot!"/ORLY "Out of this world" /Out the Door Top Coat/ China Glaze "Turned up Turquoise" / Revlon "Minted" / Nina Ultra Pro "Punki Pink" / OPI "DS Mystery" / LA Colors Art Deco "Black"

Below is the thumbnail I used for my video and as you can see Jude jumped in. He saw the bubbles and instantly started screaming. I think he is half fish because he loves the water! I used a few drops too many for this foot bath and the bubbles quickly got everywhere!

"a little dab will do ya" is good advice lol

This product will end up saving me lots of money in the long run. My sister saved money today too because she came over to visit just in the nick of time :)


Do you have something like this? What do you like/hate about it?

*Latina Kisses*


Minx / Chrome Nails

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trend Alert: Minx Nails
I was dying to have my nails minxed but there are zero salons in my area that are skilled in that area. Boo! I went to walmart and picked up a "Chrome" nail polish pen by Sally Hansen and it was not shiny enough. The picture below is what minxing is suppose to look like and I had my heart set on something at least close to it. Then I found these bad boys (at Walmart)! The best part? They were only $5!

The picture to the top right is true to its shiny and design. I loved them. The only thing I would have changed is to make the box have enough nails to have 2 sets, one plain and the other zebra print.


Being a fan of glue on nails for a while now, I stopped in Sally Beauty Supply West Covina for some fall/winter nail polishes and bumped into a section full of minx inspired nails.
These metallic nails were the most different so of course I was instantly drawn to them.
The thing I hated about them was that they were the stick on nails. Quick fix: trash the stickers and reach for your handy dandy nail glue!
I loved the dimensions the nails had on them.

Here is my little set up. I had my Q-Tips to soak up any extra glue that came out from under the nails, my nail file and plenty of light.
They were far too long for my taste...
...I took care of that really quick. It doesn't look like I took down much but I sure did.
I cut them down till they hit my skin. I hate long nails! Just not sanitary for Mommy's, or at least not this mommy haha.
I wanted to show you all an up close picture of how perfect these nails sit on my natural nails. Almost like they were made for me haha.

So what do you think? Too much? Just right? Would you try them?
I like them, and they didn't hurt my pocket. Only $4 at Sally's!

*Latina Kisses*


Mommy and Me Class

Mommy and Me
Like I have said before, I wanted to keep active and busy for my little Dunka so I decided to sign up for a Parenting class. Mommy and Me is what its typically called but I did see a few Daddies in the room. It was a nice and fun environment for parents to take their children to socialize with other small children. The first thing Jude saw when we walked in the door were all the toys!
This class kept you busy the whole way through. First on the agenda was: painting!
I wish I didn't dress Jude in new clothes. I didn't know what to expect. But he was having a blast so I didn't mind.
His mouth is a little dirty because he wanted to taste the paint haha! Little dorky.
These look a little odd but they are the base of the turkey. You will see the finished product at the end of this post.
We set them out to dry, and after all that hard work it was SNACK TIME!
Jude was so cute. Some of these snacks we have at home so he was happy to see some familiar items. It was cute to see how big he really is now. He was trying to have a conversation with the little kid next to him. What he didn't understand is that the little kid was trying to trade a goldfish for his juice...I don't think so! lol.
After they got a little rest it was time for my parenting class. Jude was a little shy and glued to me for the first 5 mins on the playground. Then he let loose. This week's lesson was about Responsibility. I learned ways to show and teach Jude about how to make good decisions even as a toddler. The learning and growing starts now.
While Jude was playing with his new friends, there was a little girl (the one seen in picture below) who had her eyes on him. She grabbed his face and gave him a huge kiss. Oh heck no lol. She opened the little car door and made room for herself next to Jude haha. I was trying to pay attention to my instructor but I couldn't help but watch. Jude was like wth.
Near the end of class there was a show and tell. It was based on the letter "G" and all the little kids brought in stuff that started with that letter. It was so cute! There was Gum, Guy (man doll), Girl (barbie), Gecko, and the best of all a George Lopez movie. I cracked up, that was soooo cute.
To bring this 3 hour class to a close, after story time, the instructor turned up the music and it was time to dance! Jude was just running around bobbin his head to all the nursery rhymes.
Next week we are making "Friendship Soup" and taking holiday pictures! I am so happy we signed up. I am even thinking about signing up for an additional day a week. Jude took the best nap ever when we got home. I'm ready to join him! Until next time....
*Latina Kisses*
I almost forgot about this little guy. Jude's first school project! We lost an eye so he is winking at you!