Latina Blogger Meet Up at Beso Hollywood

Friday, May 18, 2012

Last night my twin, yes I said twin, sister Christina and I went to a Latina Blogger Meet up that was organized thru Facebook. I was excited to show Chris what these events were all about. This one was really intimate so it was nice to really network and share stories with other bloggers. 
I took a break from YouTube for a week or so because I need to shake the negativity off from the last video. I could never fully quit because this is truly something that I enjoy doing. I believe being a blogger/vlogger is now a lifestyle. I can't go many places without a camera in hand to document my experience. 

I am not perfect and being in this industry there are so many different pressures and expectations that viewers/readers have for us and they are not shy to voice. I have rolls, and stretch marks, still learning to dress myself, and am still growing as a mother and just as a woman period. Negative and ignorant comments are to be expected when you put yourself out there publicly. I have learned to fake the thickness of my skin cause at the end of the day I do have feelings and sometimes I do get hurt. But with that it does push me to better myself and in the end I win.

To all the haters - eat my caca lol. 
 Omg the food was ridiculous. I was full in the first hour that I was there. These are just some of the goodness I took down town. 
 Oooooo don't even get me on all the drinks they were serving, these shots were so yummy with a little raspberry surprise. I was too busy blabbing that I didn't take as many photos as I wanted.
 Quick thank you to Monique of CurvesandChaos for inviting me and stay close for a post informing you of the latina bloggers that I met :)

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& like always *Latina Kisses*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OOTD : Flirty Fun Cute
Not a typical outfit for me, I am usually hiding my body under my clothes. I decided to embrace my ever changing body and wear something that was out of my comfort zone. When I was shopping I ran into this top and I knew what the cut would do to my shape. I didn't give a damn and got it anyway! Haha. 
I used to be very insecure about wearing shorts, but I think thats what I have been buying more of lately. Its motivation to get it right, get it tight in the gym!
Ive had these heels in my closet for a while, and since I vowed to wear everything in my closet, I dusted these off. The clutch just made the coral in my top pop. 
 I am the most awkward model haha, I don't know what to do with myself! I wish I had a timer and auto focus cause I would rather be alone for picture taking but I had help from my friend Brigitte who did an awesome job!

Outfit details: 
Top - Fashion Q (Azusa, Ca)
Shorts, Braided Belt,  and Bracelet - Forever21
Clutch -
Glasses - Target
Shoes "Debbie"-
Thank you for all of your positive vibes and support throughout my time on YouTube :) 
I vow to keep up with my blog and my channel because it is enjoyable and is a source of stress relief for me too!