Date night with the roomie

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lobster...get in my mouth!
I was looking through the ads in the paper and I came across a coupon for $4 lobster tails at Albertson's and I go so excited! Usually they are about double that price, I was about to jump in the car to stock up with my roommate when we checked the date on the coupon...of course! Its not valid until Sunday! So I said lets go to Red Lobster! So we jumped in my car and headed into town.
25 mins later we get to the restaurant and in the entry way was a tank full of yummy dudes. I know its sad to say hi to them before Imma eat them, but they are so damn good!
Crystal and I both ordered the same thing.
The Ocean is in our face and about to be in our bellies!
Crystal is starting a blog so stay tuned for that!! She was taking pictures for twitter.
Every time that we go out, I think people think we are a couple, and I am always the man! Haha! The waitress asked if we were going to go home and paint together wtf hahah.
Any excuse to blog, I will. I want to do it daily or every other day. Thanks for stopping by!
*Latina Kisses*

AHHHHH! Universal Studios!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Best part of waking up is...
room service rolling in breakfast! I did not want to get up sooner than I had to, so one phone call and a 15 min wait...breakfast was served! Beverly Hills Marriot hooked it up, pretty tasty I almost took my whole plate down to china town.
Universal Studios here we come! The last time I was there I was maybe like 10 years old. My Tios (Uncles) build sets and all that cool stuff so I got hooked up hehe. We are ready to walk our feet off! I dont know what is with the California heat but it was one of the hottest days Ive ever experienced. I was strapped with my sunblock spray and my rainbows on my feet. It was gonna be a LONG fun day. I always wear tube tops if I am going to be in the sun for more than an hour. I hate crazy tan lines!
The first ride we went on was the Simpsons roller coaster simulator. Basically you are strapped in a cart that moves a long with a huge screen in front of you that makes it look like you are on a crazy ride. Years ago they had the BACK TO THE FUTURE RIDE and it was waaaay better. This ride smelled like feet and you can clearly see the screen so it wasnt scary...I was just shakin not stirred.
...Homer trying to creep on me. He better back up! lol
I wanted to go on the "Tram Ride" aka Studio Tour the minute I knew we were coming here. Its a 45 minute tour that takes you around the back lots where famous movies were filmed. A lot of the sets are still there, and tons were being built for up and coming television shows and major motion pictures (movies).
Apperently these sets were used for sense in INCEPTION and THE GHOST WHISPER just to name a couple.
Cheese!!!! Ryan trying to be cool, I was bugging him for a picture while he was trying to listen to our tour guide haha.
Tons and tons of cool cars from the movies. Here are two from FAST AND FURIOUS.
Watch out....KNIGHT RIDER (reminded me of my friend Erik)
Cool thing that I learned is that most movie sets that are out of the country are shot here in LA and they set up props like street signs to make it look like another country. These are props used to make the streets of San Diego look like Japan for FAST AND FURIOUS TOKYO DRIFT.
These stunt cars are controlled by huge remotes to give the allusion of cars jumping high in the air, I think they are mostly plastic too.
Welcome to Wisteria Lane, home of the Desperate Housewives. The neat thing was to see the fancy cars in the driveways that are just sitting there collecting dust because they are just set props that get driven probably 100 miles in a season. All the plants flowers and trees are all plastic so they dont die or change colors during days of filming.
WHOVILLE the set of The Grinch. This movie was filmed in 2000! They are adding too it for this holiday season.
The Bates Motel, the surviving set of the PSYCHO movie. The other was lost in a fire 3 years ago along with the huge KING KONG set. Theres even a little part where an actor, Norman Bates, comes out of the hotel carrying a presumed dead body...then walks over to the tram with a knife. Oh hell no, I would have fought him lol jk.
WAR OF THE WORLDS a real plane was used for this set. The crash scene was amazingly real looking. I can see how the actors can come off devastated walking around this set.
We went on rides saw some shoes including the Sound Effects show and WATER WORLD. We needed some fuel so we stopped at a Panda Express. It was over priced as expected but it did the job. I was full and ready to head to the exit.
On our way out we ran into a interactive Donkey from SHERK.
My feet and back are killing me still lol. It was a lot more walking than I am used to in one day. I had such a great weekend. I got my time a way and now Im back on the grind. I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend...Happy work week!
*Latina Kisses*

The start of a fun weekend! - Fat Burger + Dancing

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dancing Burgers
Ryan wanted to go dancing, like always lol...hes a dancing machine. There are a couple of clubs that we like to go in LA so we knew which one we wanted to go to since it was Friday night, Zanzibar! Before getting dressed, and knowing I might have a couple of glasses on Pinot at the bar...we got some juicy disgusting but good FATBURGER hamburgers.
Ive never had them before. Apparently they come with a fried egg and everything else under the moon. Ummmmm yea not trying to smell like a dancing onion in the club! I got my with JUST mustard ketchup pickles lettuce and cheeeesee pleeeaseee.
My favorite part is probably the Sonia fashion show...where I change back and forth too many times to annoy the person that I am going out with, probably take waaay too long to do my drag queen makeup of the night...and be super excited to go out. WOOT WOOT!

The dramatic event of the night...I was sipping on my drink before leaving the hotel and I missed my mouth lol (who does that??) and it spilled on my top!! The material is sooo thin and gentle I knew it would be stained for sure! I screamed out of hororr and almost cried (trying not to mess up my makeup of course haha) Quick fix: wet the whole damn shirt and then dry with a blow dryer!
(Picture via Twitter)
Since I decided to film an outfit of the night and carefully walked down to the lobby from our room (trying not to kill myself on ridiculous marble floors) The cabbie left and we had to haul another cab :(Below is a picture we took while waiting. I didnt want to take my camera with me this time because my clutch was literally a dot and it wouldnt fit, caca! I need to get a slim camera like a cyber shot or something.

My Details:
Coral long sleeve top by FOREVER21
Ribbed fitted skirt by FASHION Q
Shoes not shown by SHOEDAZZLE
We had so much fun dancing...well I watching him dance with himself haha cause the lord knows Jude has more rhythm than me...but it was a great night. My next weekend off , where should I visit?? Where is your favorite place for night life and just plain ol' relaxation? Let me know!
*Latina Kisses*

Alley Cats - Shopping in the Fashion District

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Starbucks + Mc Donalds French Fries = Belly
Since I had to pick up Jude from his dad's early, we decided to make a day of it and just go shopping. Me and my roomie Crystal are undercover drag queens and wear false lashes almost everyday. When we are running low we talk about where we can get the best deal.
(Having a Green Tea Frap and Mc Donalds French Fries)
It used to be IMATS but this year was a FAIL. I posted about the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles before, but I didnt have the info for the place I got cheap eyelashes from. I made sure I got it for you guys this time haha. Here is her business card:
We went nuts! We each picked up 30 pairs.
Here is a little peek into the alley, well one of them because they are all over the place down here. Its cramped and usually smells like hot dogs haha. I love it. I think it was more exciting when I was younger because I feel like its just as expensive as Forever21 and stores like it.
Look at these Jeffrey Campbell Inspired booties! I was so excited to see them, Ive been eyeballing them. My boyfriend hates them, I saw them on a girl on Main Street in Huntington Beach wearing them with shorts and I had to have them.
Then I saw them on Dulce and I was like ahhhhhh if she has them, we have similar taste most of the time, I knew I had to get them. When I checked sites online they were very pricey. These inspired ones honestly look more wearable and were over $100 cheaper :) *baller on a budget dance* There were shoes every where! The great thing can bargain with shop owners for lower prices and better deals (buy 2 get 1 free or 50% OFF) dont be shy to ask!
Me and my honey. He loves going downtown because he gets a treat of some sort and almost always a bubble gun. :)
These next pumps reminded me of the shoedazzle false advertisment ads on Facebook of fashy the Gianmarco Lorenzi ‘Disco Ball’ Platform Pumps that has everyone searching the site for shoes that are $2800+. These are obviously not covered in Swarovski Crystals, they are the cheap inspired version.
I had them fill Jude's sippy cup (from Walmart $2) with a raspado aka slushie. It was soooo hot.
I thought I was gonna go a whole 4 blocks without seeing bunk MAC makeup...nope! There it is. Selling "Wonder Woman" and "Hello Kitty" collection products including BH cosmetic style palettes as MAC Cosmetic products. FYI its all fake and MAC has never sold 88 color palettes.
Jude was overdue for his nap so we cut our adventure short. We stopped to grab a quick bite, and a staple in the Fashion District, "Alley dogs" Yummy!
Jude likes his dogs plain, no bun either.
I picked up a purse hook, keeps your purse next to you hanging off the edge of the table while you are out at a restaurant.
I also got a hello kitty long sleeve crop top, the brown inspired booties, and a faux leather jacket.
Has anyone been to the alleys/Fashion District lately? What stores should we visit? What good deals/items did I miss?
*Latina Kisses*