Skidders - Coolest shoes for kids who dont like shoes

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My son has a big heart already...
My mom called me on my cell the other night and told me that she found a litter of kittens in the bushes while she was watering. They were covered with ants and she didn't know what to do. I rushed over to help her with the little babies and washed them up really good.
Jude loved them. He quickly caught on that he was not allowed to pick them up and that he needed to be nice.
Every time Jude heard them meow he would say "uh oh" haha.
These kittens were so cute and unfortunately they were too little for food. I gave my friend Carly a call and told her what the situation was and she found them a good home that night!

I ran into these cool sock shoes while browsing the infant section in my local Target store. They have them in a few different styles for boys and girls, so I picked these up to give them a try.
Jude doesn't mind socks, but he hates shoes! He didn't try too hard to remove these bad boys. He was walking a little funny at first and then it was like second nature.
He is wearing a Black Paul Frank t-shirt from Target,
and Smokey Grey Cargo Shorts from Old Navy.
They look like clogs for this angle.
I think the only down side to these Skidders was that they made little Dunkas patas (feet) sweaty. It didn't seem to bother him too much though.
Along with the shoes and few items of clothing, I also picked up a second car seat for Jude so I could keep one installed in my car at all time and when I would ride in someone else's car I would have a car seat on stand by.
We got to put it to the test when me and my sister made a trip to see my father in the hospital.
He had so much fun with his cousins Mikey and Emily. They were a handful together. I will definitely wait until I am in a relationship with someone who is ready to chase kids with me, I cant imagine having more than one alone. STRESS.
On our way back they were out for the count! So cute to see them all sleep so soundly.
I am working on some new cosmetic reviews. I have been so consumed with my family recently. Like I said in my last post, family is everything and when you are down, embrace them.
*Latina Kisses*

Splish Splash

Monday, September 27, 2010

112 Degree Heatwave - Perfect night for a dip!
Jude's cousin, Tommy Lee, came over for a couple of hours tonight. When he set his eyes on the kiddie pool we had out back he quickly got down to his chonies and hopped in!
Jude was a little copy cat, he did everything his older cousin did. Jude is still working on his balance, so he took a few head first dives that scared me half to death.
He slipped many times but that didn't stop him. Jude is in his naked stage and likes taking off his diaper, hes a character. He has about 4 pairs of swim trunks but he'd rather be 'free' like the wind haha.
Look at that smile. How could you ever say no to him. I love my little prince!
Splish Splash!
I was a little scared Jude wouldn't like the splashing but who was I kidding. He loved it!
I have so many memories of when me and my cousins had sleepovers and went to my grandmothers house and climbed trees. It warms my heart to see my son with my brother's son Tommy making memories together.
Family is everything. Nothing, NOTHING is better.
*Latina Kisses*

Pala Casino and Resort

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pala Casino and Resort
(our room is where the heart is)

I was so excited to pack up and get away.I feel like I say that a lot, but sometimes when things are not going as you wish they would, its best to get out. I was asked to go out to the city of Pala (I have never heard of it before now) and do hair and makeup for the nicest women on the planet. The occasion was a high school reunion, and lucky for us (me, Jude, and Carly) it was at the Pala Casino and Resort, Pala Ca.

As we drove up that's when we really got pumped for our weekend.
Everything down to the waterfall at the entrance screamed "VACATION!"
Oh, before I forget! On our way up to the resort, there were tons of stands: fruit, plants, and jerky! I know a lot of people who love jerky so we stopped and got a few sacks. I got the HOT flavor for my brother Raymond. (If you read this, love you brother!!)
Back to what I was talking about, this was our restroom.
The tub came up to above my knee, it was bigger in person than it looks from this angle. Too deep for my honey though.
I don't know what the designers were thinking with the comforters, but this was so cute. Jude loves Carly, he doesn't warm up to too many people so easy either.
Since we were hungry we decided to put the room service to the test! We both ordered Cokes and Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and Fries. So yummy! The tiny bottles of ketchup and hot sauce were sooo cute! Even the Coke bottles were smaller than usual.
One of the awesome things about our room was the view!
Jude spent so much time standing near the window to see all of the other guests and planes that pass through. He has better eyes than me!
After a job well done, I wish I would have taken some action shots of my clients all dolled up, we decided to ring up a little treat. Apple cobbler with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. It was so good we had to stop ourselves from licking the plate!
Jude was tuckered out. He has been really fussy with teething and stretching and its been a difficult time for the both of us. I mixed up a few teething tablets and rubbed his gums till he knocked out.
That night Cedric the Entertainer was performing and we had awesome seats...
...a seat in front of our hotel window haha!
While enjoying our free show, we ordered yet again. We started with the Pala Salad with Ranch dressing and their raspberry vinaigrette. It was the best ranch I've had in a long time.
For the main course we had roasted squash, mashed potatoes and Filet Mignon. I am not a big red meat eater but I had no words to describe how good it was.
That night we went down to the Casino for an hour to check out the Black Jack table to try our luck. From these pictures it looks like all we did was eat haha. We ate like queens...and baby king.
The trip was great! If your job is making women feel a little better about themselves and get paid for it...its my dream job...its a blessing Jude gets to come with me. It didn't hurt that our whole trip was taken care of. THANK YOU!
Jude reminded me that my hair is getting way too long. I have been thinking about changing it up a bit. I used to have my hair cut really short to my ears in a bob 'a line' cut. I loved it! I think I want to lose a little more weight before going for it!
What do you think? Should I cut it??
*Latina Kisses*

Mommy Dunka / Baby Dunka shoes

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking it back Old Skool
Me and my son are becoming closer than ever as the day pass and he is getting old and talking more. He is stretching so fast and his little chubby feet are longer and ready for big boy shoes.
I bought him a pair of slip on VANS a few months back and he hated them. The top of his feet are chubby and I think they hurt him. These ones are adjustable. They are the VANS Old Skool V. Shoes are an obstacle for new walkers. He was standing like he was 6 feet off the floor when I stood him up to try out his new shoes.

Mommy + Jude = Love

Just because he is a boy and I am the mommy does not mean we cant have matching shoes. Back when I just got out of High School, I went through a tomboy stage, and had a pair of these shoes and it brought back good memories.
I just finished my makeup tutorial (Burnt Rose) and taking some pictures for my thumbnail and Jude wanted in the pictures too.
One thing I am trying to do is slowly ween Jude off the 'tweetwee'.
He does not like it one bit. He hates being told no. I wonder who he got that from lol. I don't think he is ready, I think the pain in my back will go away, but ultimately I don't think its the right time. From the look on his face (poor bunny) I think he will be happy with the decision I am making.
Carly the bff came and got us for some lunch at THE HAT and then to meet up with my newest model for my channel.
I have been loving the weather lately.
I love it when its cold out so I can snuggle in my sweaters and unique scarves!
Do you and your kids have matching items of clothing? I think its really cute!
*Latina Kisses*

Tokyo Wako

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch Time!
For as much weight Ive lost, please don't ask me my secret...its stress, I feel like all my blogs are of me eating like a king. Eating is comfort! I love to cook and eat, so you are all along for the ride!
Today Carly got to pick and she chose Tokyo Wako.
Of course Dunka was with me, and was ready to eat!
If you follow my blog and read often, you would know that Jude loves miso soup. They had a different twist to the traditional soup, this one had onions and mushrooms.
The temp was not going to stop him from eating it all up! I love seeing my little honey enjoying his food. Its makes me happy.
(Carly thinks shes looks nasty in this picture, I think she looks fine!)
Now for the show. You cant go to Tokyo Wako without eating at the grill tables.
Our meals were about $15 each with a soft drink so we got a deal.
Stacking up the onion tower to quickly turn it into a volcano!
He put the fire out and it was smoking like a chimney.
Our chef did an amazing performance and the food was delicious!
Jude was watching with excitement. The last time he was at a restaurant like this he was a few months old and wasn't too interested.
Today was a great day. We went to look at a new place for me and Dunka to live.
Cant wait to do a house tour!
*Latina Kisses*