Jude the Potter

Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting down and dirty!

We got invited to Crazy Carl aka Carlsbad aka Carly's Open Studio day. She taught (just like she does her students) to make a hollowed out pumpkin!
 He's being a good listener, opening up his clay to match Miss Carly's example.
 In this shot the light catches his face just right. Almost like God is reminding me how lucky I am to have him in my life. My bunny is so smart!
 Smacking out any imperfections.
 While waiting on his project to harden a bit, he made Mr.Gru from Despicable Me! He draws really well too! I think he got it from his mama ;)
 He's now making impressions to finish his pumpkin. I will be posting a photo of the finish project when its glazed and fired! 

 Now for my favorite part! The wheel! I took Ceramics in High School and it was such a fun and artistic activity. Jude hates being dirty but he was into it! 
 Some of Carlys students who are at least 10 years older than Jude were impressed by his skills for a first timer. He owned the place!
 With Tia Carly's help, he started to open up his cup!
 I was so proud of him! He behaved well, and took direction even better! I am so blessed to have so many opportunities to share these creative lessons with my son. Art is amazing and so is my little boy!

*Latina Kisses*

Come shop with me at Sephora!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You've heard, seen, shared photos and even imagined yourself in Milan and New York City's Fashion Week. Now it's time to embrace the local fashion and join us for an exclusive VG Fall Fashion Event!

                                Passport to Fall Fashion will be boarding passengers 
Thursday, September 26th from 6-8pm.
*Check in at Guest Services and pick up your passport.

 *Enjoy special discounts, tastings and meet & greets with SoCal fashion bloggers.

 *Spend $100 at any of our 13 participating retail stores and receive a $20 VG Gift Card.(Receipt must be presented to Guest Services and dated 9/26. Department stores are excluded.)

 *Follow VG on Instagram (@victoriagardens) and use #PTFF. Document your Fall Fashion Trips throughout the mall & you can be chosen to win special prizes throughout the evening!Participating Retail Stores:Banana Republic, BareMinerals by Bare Escentuals, bebe, Express, Francesca's, Gap Victoria Gardens, L'Occitane, MAC Cosmetics, New York & Company, Sassy Fashion, Sephora, The Art of Shaving - Victoria Gardens, White House | Black Market, Ecco and J.Stephens.Enjoy samples and candy bars from:Hot Dog on a Stick, IT'SUGAR, Mr. Chef, See's Candies, Fuzziwig's, Manilaville and Coffee Bean.

I will be in Sephora 
Come say hola! I would love to meet you!!

What I am drooling over currently

Sunday, February 24, 2013

There is a huge difference between want and NEED. I know I don't need this stuff but I have certainly placed them all in an online shopping bags...just to seconds later hit the little red button to save myself from a swift kick to the bank account. 

We all have WISH LISTS or DROOL LISTS and this is mine:

I love the bright color on the new  speedy bandouliere from LV, but I would get this little honey in black. I love it with or without the shoulder strap. Thoughts?
 I swear I have been on a hunt for these nude Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps for months and I can't find them in my size or the height that I want. I need them in a 38, Chicago help a sister out!!
 I heard these are not the most comfortable style because of how high they are but I really want the blush or the red

Pigalle Spikes 100 patent-leather pumps

I don't think Id ever buy white shoes, maybe if I was to ever be a bride....maybe. 
 The ALMA BB is too freakin' cute I can't stand it! I think I might make it look even smaller if I hold it but I don't care! I still WANT it! It comes in other colors but something about the blush hits the right spot in my closet ;)
The thing about these ridiculous luxury material things is that they are just that, ridiculous. They are my ridiculous rewards to myself for doing something awesome! Awesome is not just having a great day, awesome is overcoming something that has been hindering my happiness or success and I reward myself greatly! I would never suggest rewarding yourself beyond your means. So if you have to charge it, don't do it! Save for it and it will mean that much more!!

Thank you for reading and drooling with me!!

*Latina Kisses*

Tea Time

Monday, January 28, 2013

How I brew loose tea - new obsession

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a picture of my new tea obsession. Blooming tea is more beautiful than it is tasty. I enjoy the taste of tea and most times I do not need to add any sugar. I have been on a clean healthy diet to change the way I sleep and function...and green tea has played a huge roll. Im blabbing about nothing now, lets get on to the point of this post. 

My mom introduced me to the tea shop "Flour + Tea", located in Old Town Pasadena, so I was excited to stop in for a look. Too bad Im half beast...I would have loved to share pictures of the amazing macarons they had - BUT I took 'em down town before I thought to include them in this post. Caca. 

I sniffed too many kinds of teas to remember, but this one stood out the most. 
Its sweet green tea according to my senses. I could be way off because I am sick, yes - again. Its a specialty shop so it quickly added up. 
I think I spent about $70 on tea and cups in like 7 mins 0_o
 I know what it looks like....but its not cochina. Its tea. Lord!
 Along with the tea, I also purchased two brewing cups (one for meeee and one for mi madre). 
Its basically a layered cup with slits on the bottom to filter the tea in the hot water. 
To get started:  sprinkle the tea into the top cup, the more you use the stronger the tea will be. 
 Slowly lower the glass cup with tea into the sister mug and place the lid on top to brew for a few minutes. You don't want to slam dunk it because you will spill the water all over the damn place...I would know -_-
 After the water starts to darken, you slowly remove the top cup letting all of the water drain into the mug. 
 TA-DA! Now put it in your mouth! hahah
 Not that anyone needed step by steps, the pictures are cool though haha. I miss my blog. I miss you guys. I think I will try to keep up my blog...I keep coming back for more. I think I will be doing swatches here too. Im going to try!!

*Latina Kisses*