Lets play pretend! - Pretend City Museum of Irvine

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rainy Days = Indoor Play
I always search new places to take Jude that will be fun for the both of us and not bad on my pocket. My google search lead me to Pretend City Museum in Irvine, Ca. Tickets are $11 for everyone 1 and older.  Its pretty much a huge place where kids get to pretend they are grown ups. There are tons of things to do!  It was raining today so you might see raindrops here and there on our clothing. It was a spur of the moment type of trip so my younger sister, Marina, joined us. 
First stop was the Art Studio. Children can color with markers, crayons, and paint. 
Jude is not allowed to use pens or markers at home, so that was the first thing he grabbed for. Suggestion: Only Washable crayons for coloring time at home, easiest thing to remove from walls, mirrors, and windows. 
My sister said that she remembered going to something like this when she was younger but in down town Los Angeles. It was cute to see fake money being exchanged between all the kids at "The Market" 
Tons of costumes through out The Pretend City, all types of careers. 
Fishing was by far the most fun for Jude. Im glad they had rain slickers and boots for the kids to keep them....kind of dry hahah. 
My mother works at a dental office, so this one made me think of her. 
Jude is the biggest Ham that ever lived. He might just be a dancer when he grows up lol. 
He also gained a green thumb...
Hopefully not practicing calling Daddy from the slammer haha.
He was a librarian for a few minuets too!
It was so fun! I hope the next time that I take him its a family trip so that he can play with his cousins. If you live in the area I totally recommend visiting this place. Check out their business hours, an hour before closing it is 50% OFF admission. 

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Rainy Day - Making Pizza for $5

 Rainy Day  Activity #1 : 
Make Lunch a fun way to kill time.
When I was at WalMart the other day, I ran into these Make -n- Bake Pizzas for $5. What kid doesnt like pizza?? I found it in the section where they keep pizza dough, cookie dough, and things of that nature. Rainy days are the longest for our little ones if you dont have things to keep them active...tv gets old QUICK!
 This box comes with everything you need to make 4 small personal size cheese pizzas. They do have a pepperoni kit too I believe, but you can get creative and add different cheeses and veggies.  
 Lay all of your ingredients out on the table and I was going over shapes colors and numbers of the items we were working with to make it a little educational too. 
 Get your dough...
  ...add and spread your sauce...
 ...sprinkle your cheese...
 Then throw it in the oven for baby and me!
Baking and cooling time took about 15 minutes. Gave us enough time to clean up his room before lunch, and he was ready for his nap after.

What activities do you do at home with your child that is affordable on most budgets?

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