New Years Eve Party Nails

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have all the glitz and glam at your finger tips

I was inspired by Carly's newest video of her New Years Eve Nail Tutorial to do something with jewels. I love pink and this shade might be too light for my skin tone, but I said screw it! Lol. I fell in love with them after they were all put together.

I wanted to quickly share with those of you who got hooked on the KISS full cover nails, I found something better! These nails by Nailene. They are so thin and look almost natural compared to KISS. I went to 3 different drugstores in search for them because when I tried to go back to my KISS box it just wasn't the same. Nailene 200 Full Cover Nails are just as much as the KISS 100 set price wise, and are definitely worth a try!

Before I give you a few comparisons on the two brands...lets move on to what I used for my latest tutorial:

Revlon came out with the coolest nail polishes that have added scents to them to match their names. The one pictured is 'Cotton Candy' which is a nice creamy light pink color. My newest top coat, Sally Hansen's NO CHIP. Nail glue. Dotting tool. Wheel of small to large crystals.

Now for those of you who care to see the difference in shape and thickness of the two brands:

Nailene (left) vs KISS (right)
If KISS made thinner full cover nails I would die. I was obsessed until I found the skinny sexy Nailene lol. I recommend you go try them and let me know what you think. Why are you still reading this?? Go on! jk.
For those of you that are is the tutorial I filmed before my New Years Eve date:

Thanks for the love and support. Always. I don't know how else to show my gratitude ladies and some pretty gents ;)
*Latina Kisses*

Dressing Up and Dressing Down

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dressing Up and Dressing Down...
is probably the easiest thing you can do to most of the pieces in your wardrobe. I am not the most fashionable and I do not claim to be a stylist or an expert. I say words like "fluffy" and "sparkly" or sometimes the infamous "hobo" to describe my clothing so I am just sharing my own person style...flavor or what have you.

Today started off cold and wet so I dressed accordingly.
I am pretty sure this top was from FOREVER21 like most of my recent buys have been, but I am not 100% because I bit the tag off and spit it out like a clip to a grenade and put it on and ran out the door.I love this sweater dress, or in my case top because the good lord blessed me with spider legs haha. I love it because of the bright blue color and bold text.
Its a playful spin on the traditional gym sweat shirt you wore in High School gym class.
I wore this one to the movies and paired it with black tights and over the knee boots.
The tights are cool too. They have a furry material on the inside that is not too thick because you cant see the texture from the outside. They came in handy, and kept me extra warm when I needed it. I purchased them at Fashion Q (Azusa Ca) for about $8. These boots are currently sold out after I featured them in a few posts back. I think they might still have them on their site in brown CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE

I curled my hair quickly with my GHD flat iron. I didnt spend too much time styling my hair, obviously, because it was raining outside and there would be no point to go thru all that trouble to end up with a soggy mop 5 mins after I walked out of the door.
So as you can see in this quick post....
you can easily dress up your sweatshirt with tights and boots, and dress down your sexy boots with a slightly over sized sweatshirt.
I went to visit my Dad in the hospital today. I wanted to thank everyone for your kind messages/comments/tweets/prayers for him. He looks better and is in good spirits.
I also saw the movie True Grit staring THE DUDE himself Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and a few other familiar faces. It was not what I was expecting at all. I laughed more than I thought I would, and was like wtf at the end. I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it, and here is the trailer for those who don't have a clue of what I am talking about....

*Latina Kisses*

She knows me -OPI's Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Nail Lacquers

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Perfect for all the Nail junkies out there...
OPI's Burlesque Little Teasers Nail Lacquers was given to me by my good friend Crystal seen in the picture below. Isn't she beautiful?
We went to see the movie together and it was amazing! I cant wait to go see it again and it will be a movie I will buy as soon as it comes out on DVD.
Back to the polish...we are huge nail freaks and this was just too perfect!
I loved the packaging, I want to do inspired look(s) from the movie.
Rising Star / Take the Stage / The Show Must Go On / Ali's Big Break
The following pictures are all set up in this order in case you were wondering. I didn't have a chance to label the photos.These swatches were done on a few KISS glue on nails.
One coat, true to the bottle polishes that dry in seconds.
I wanted to show you all how tiny these guys are compared to the original OPI polish.
They might be tiny and cute, but they go along way. One thing I always tell girls about nail polish is that they must have a good clear coat. You don't have to spend $8 a bottle...every time get that salon look. You can make any brand look fabulous by using a quality clear coat. For those of you who have acrylics or glue on nails the following clear polish has been good to me.
Sally Hansen's NO CHIP.
It drys fast and is true to is name. Carly tried it on her natural nails and she said that it cracked.
I used 'The Show Must Go On" . Depending on the angle I hold my hand, the polish looks red or orange. I love it!
Did anyone get this set or watch the movie? What were your thoughts?
*Latina Kisses*

It felt a lot like Christmas

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Baby Pink is for Big Girls too...
Ive made more than one unnecessary trip to the mall and now they have a Cotton On at the one near me its more of a reason to be bad.
I didn't make a haul for one of my newest pieces from my favorite store because I didn't get enough stuff to inspire me to film, but this Blazer I have been dying to wear.
A lot of ppl say the jacket is as light as my white top, but in person its clearly a powder pink.
Blazer by Cotton On
White Cami and Dark Skinny Jeans by Fashion Q
Nude Suede Wedged Heels by BCBG
Jewlery by Forever21
Video Index:
Hair tutorial that seriously needs to be taken down and updated: CLICK
Outfit video: CLICK
Christmas Eve at the Castaneda Home
For as long as I can remember the day before Christmas was our family's day to celebrate. The next few pix are of the kids opening their gifts.
Jude Isaac with my cousin Daniel.
I'm not alone, there are other bloggers...future bloggers in the my little cousin Autumn.
Little cake to sing happy birthday to Jesus.
Jude wanted to play, but I wanted one good shot with him. Look at those lips!
My sister Christina bought him this awesome Toy Story Rocking Chair.
Jude took a drink break and now its time for my god daughter...
If you haven't seen Tangled in theaters you need to go soon because it was the sweetest movie Ive seen in a while. I was told it was the last Disney Princess movie too. I was a little upset because they didn't have a Latina princess but its all good. One of the gifts I got her was the wig and movie tickets to go watch it again.
I had to help Jude open his gifts. He would just look at it expecting it to do something haha.
Her Nino brought this one over for her. Jesse pull string doll.
I got gift cards and those are cool cause I get to eat and watch a movie on someones dime, and shop too, but I like when someone gets me something that is totally me. This one is from my friend Crystal. I saw the movie BURLESQUE with her and we are both obsessed with painting our nails. Thanks girl!
I was sooo full by the time midnight hit. I was really tired, my hit the pillow and I was out like a light. I hope I dont see another tamale for at least a month haha.

Christmas Morning with The Cervantes Family
Jude is loved by all and his grandma and grandpa couldn't wait to see little Jude on Christmas morning.
Grandpa helping him in his new car. He made fun of me because I put the wheels on backwards. Oops. Oh well. Its got...uh...personality lol.
Jude got a guitar among other things from his dad, hes going to be like his uncle Zack who is really good and self taught.
One of the things I was excited about was this book. I asked Jude's grandma Alicia for it and she got it! I know that he is going to love it. Its one of those books that you record your voice reading the book.
I have to say, the holidays were good to me this year. I was blessed with the company of my family and we are all in good health for the most part. My father is currently in the hospital but with all of our prayers he will be as good as new before I know it.
Merry Christmas Everyone!
*Latina Kisses*

Dinner at Carls

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carly was getting her Paula Deen on...
Its been raining like crazy in our area and it feels like it will never let up. I hope it does because I hate staying home all day locked in my room like a broken down princess. Carly came over to show me all of her thrifting scores, I'm sure she will film a haul soon, and she invited me over for dinner .
All she really cooks is chicken so she wanted to spicy things up by using salmon.
I'm not a huge fan of artichokes but she must be cause she was tearing it up with a side of mayo. I couldn't watch, I was about to barf. Something about mayo makes me gag. The smell is so nasty and I can go on and on so lets move to the next dish...

From the looks of it...someone already got to this pot of mashed potatoes or girl just used 2 potatoes for this dinner. Jude ate most of my plate starting with'em.

I'm not a HUGE fan of this particular fish, but I needed some home cooking in my life so it hit the spot. I love lemon so I was diggin the seasoned Nemo I had on my plate.
I'm trying to be good so when serving myself I made sure the salad was the biggest portion. I need to start working out so I can eat whatever the devil obviously invented without feeling like a beast.
As you can see from my was disgusting.
Im kidding it was alright. Lol. I love you Carly thanks for dinner gurrrl.
I need to start blogging at better hours. I always blog when Im super tired and in the dark.
The next post will probably be of xmas, then hopefully New Years Eve.
*Latina Kisses*

Wet Weekend

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wet and Wild Saturday Night
Wild not in the fun way either. I will wait to tell you about that in a minute. First things first, I need to get dressed and I got a little help tonight. Usually Jude Isaac is with his dad on the weekend, but he had other plans so my little man became my hairdresser lol.
He watches me every time that I get dressed and I think hes learned a few things along the way. This is him "brushing" my hair. He just gave me a huge knot, sexy.
Strike a pose...or something like it haha.
Black V Neck by Fashion Q
Tribal Print Skirt by Cotton On
Belt by FOREVER21
Black Booties (not seen, worn at The Standard) by Fashion Q

I love these skirts, I bought a few of them.
Key Club Hollywood, Ca - Dj Quik
We have been wanting to see Dj Quik for a while now but it never worked out. It was raining men outside and the parking was on a damn mountain so it was a challenge not to fall and roll down in 5inch heels lol. We got hooked up at the door so we didn't have to pay $40 so that's always cool and that will soon be a blessing...
Restroom : Fix hair and makeup, thanks to the rain.
Always a good time for a quick mirror picture or two!
Okay now for the awesome performance...not.
"Are we on Venice Beach??!" - Carly
He was jammin the whole time. I was waiting to hear stuff that the whole room actually knew. I was filming for what seemed like forever! He was just pulling random junk out of a suitcase and was serious freakin me out when he was pounding on the drums. We had to!
On the road to Little Temple
It was a little past midnight and we didn't want to waste the night so we decided to hit up one of our new favorite spots on Saturday night, Little Temple.
There were too many freak nasty people in there that night. I think it was because it was the rain or something, all the cool people were missing in action at wack sweater parties or some thing lol. There were a handful of good songs, a handful of creepologists, and the only thing on our mind was FOOD!
We ended the night in the parking lot of Jack in the Box eating something really nasty that I would wake up regretting haha. All in all was a good night, with my girls at my side...nothing is THAT bad ;)
Where do you and your girls go on the weekend?
*Latina Kisses*