Hair Care : Wet to Dry

Friday, January 27, 2012

After watching my videos, most of my viewers ask for a product list. At the time of upload the list of products could get pretty long. So I decided to list items and include a few pictures here on my blog for a quick reference. So here it goes...
When I was get butt booty naked (no one pays me enough to see the real thang lol jk) I was washing my hair with the:
 FAT HAIR "O" Calories Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner by SAMMY. 
I like the way it smells and it foams up really well in the shower. 
The most important result I am looking for in hair care products is that it does what it advertises. FAT HAIR, and I don't really get fat hair with this. Just clean, fresh smelling hair, so I guess I will finish the bottles and move on. 

After I towel dry my hair I like to treat it with a few products before I let it air dry, or before I use any kind of heated tools for protection and volume. Pictured below and used in my video:
FAT HAIR "O" Calories Thickening Spray by SAMMY - Which I think works and smells great
Heat Tamer (not shown in video but used) by TRESemme - Its never let me down and is cheap as dirt
Silk Infusion by CHI - This product has been used by me for many years! I love it!
 Hot Tools! I know I always want to know what my friends use when I see their big sexy hair, I use :
Blow dryer by KERATIN COMPELX - Okay, so you don't need the blow dryer that I have cause its not the cheapest, just make sure it promotes healthy hair (less damage with ions).
Large hot rollers by CONAIR - These have been working well for me lately, but I think I want to try something that will hold curls ceramic rollers. Ill keep ya'll posted. 
 These brushes are not the coolest or the cutest but they get the job done and I will hurt someone if they took them from my room haha :
Flat paddle brush by BRUSH LAB - I got this baby at ULTA
Round barrel brush by CONAIR - I got this brush so long ago! I would have to say I got it at WalMart
 Lord have mercy! You know I about passed out when I sprayed the heck out my hair with this stuff! :
SPRAY & PLAY by Big Sexy Hair - Its Pink for their Breast Cancer promotion. I love it cause it doesn't weigh my hair down and keeps a good flexible hold. 
Well thats that! I hope that was helpful to most. I know I have made my videos short and sweet lately so I hope my blog can just be another resource to many of you who support my channel and follow my blog. 

*Latina Kisses*

Getting my WICKED fix

Friday, January 6, 2012

When the cupcake craze hit, I was on the hunt for a great tasting and LOOKING (presentation is everything) cupcake bakery in my area. I heard there was one in Azusa/Glendora but i never saw it. Unfortunately it is in a terrible location, but when I was starting my journey back home I saw the small print on the backside of the bakery and quickly hopped into the turning lane!

When I walked into The Cake Mamas' Bakery/Shop, I didn't know what to expect. One of the girls who greeted me was sweet and very loud haha. I decided to take 2 trays of mini cupcakes to test a few flavors, one for me and one for my roomie. I didn't know the ones that I chose were winning designs/flavors for the popular show CUPCAKE WARS. That made me more excited and not surprised that they were $10 per tray. Me and my roommate Crystal went to see the Broadway Play WICKED so it was even a little reminiscent :)

(Official cupcake promo pix from The Cake Mamas' Facebook page)

Below is a picture of what i took home. For $10 I think I got my money's worth because it look like an expensive treat. 
 No one wanted to share the experience with me :( So here are my thoughts starting with...

"The Elixir" 
This was one was probably my favorite visually. The clock face was edible of course, but I don't think you would want to eat it. Confession: I bit it.
 The buttercream frosting was so different and looked almost like a custard. It was thick and so full of flavor. The color and texture were amazing...yes I am talking about a cupcake. 
 Too bad I can't say the same about the taste of this cool green cake. It was dry and didn't have much flavor. 

"The Bad Which"
This cake by far is the best I have ever tasted. It was so moist and rich and creamy...ooooohhh lord!
 I wish they duplicated the look in the show as in person cause I didn't really understand this one with it just plopped on top. The edible glitter and little heart were attractive. 
 Mouth is watering so much! I only had a bite or two of each of these little guys but this heart hurt when I forced myself to trash the other half. *Being good* I did taste the salt they mentioned in the description and it was just the right amount. SO YUM.

"The Flying Monkey"
We thought this was a crown! It didn't come with a tail either :/ 
 Again - The frosting was amazing but the cake was so dry and it didn't taste good at all. Caca.

"The Good Witch"
The strawberry filling was soooooooooo good I felt the rolls growing on my body. The topping was amazing. The silver pearl was like little jawbreaker, I had to try it lol. 
 A good pairing would be the ever so popular SoCal desert wine - Stella Rosa. Stella is a very sweet lightly carbonate wine that is sold for about $12-14 at BevMo. (I get it straight from the winery, its cheaper)
 Jude has a good amount of years to go before he is legally able to drink so he had some juice (Albertsons $4) 
 I think I am in love with the chocolate, and I will definitely give another flavor or two ;) before I make my final thoughts about this place. I hope I didn't tempt you too much. 

*Latina Kisses*