Urban Decay Book of Eyeshadows Palette Dupe?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I took yet another trip to Target the other day, I had other things I was looking for,
but I took a quick peek in the Beauty section and look what I ran into!
I picked up the "Smokey" edition too but
this post will be focused on the "Eye Brights" edition.
I was super excited when I saw these babies and I knew I couldn't pass them up.

They also had a neutral palette but I knew I already had a handful palettes just like it at home, it would have been a waste of five bucks, so I bought an iced coffee instead :)

The first thought that popped in my head was "Dupe??" for the
Urban Decay Book of Shadows.
A lot of these shades are easily compared to each other.
There are some differences:

Packaging, Weight, Quality, PRICE ($45 USD) , and eye shadows have names.

(click on any of these images to view larger)
From these swatches you can see for yourself that I am not on something,
they do look very alike!

The e.l.f. shadows in this palette are ultra soft and super pigmentated.

A cool feature that I think beginners would appreciate:
A step by step guide to applying eye shadows and creating a look.
But if you don't like to read, watch one of my videos girl!


from experience with e.l.f. first hand, I can tell you that you do pay for what you get.
Not that this palette is broken down, but it does have obvious flaws and looks poorly made.
From this angle (picture below) you will see the way the pans sit awkwardly in the palette mold.

Other than that this palette is a great item to have in a travel kit. Its cheap and you wont scream bloody murder if it breaks!

Not that I screamed when I dropped a new blush that I JUST bought. Lol.


Well I love these kinds of posts, I hope you all do too.

Short and sweet and also CHEAP!

Happy Shopping!

**Latina Kisses**


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Keirasluckycharm said...

I saw them too and they are not good at all! You really do get for what you pay for.

Donna Baby said...

I have the smokey palette. I actually love it haha.

Anonymous said...

sweet - now i have to wait for those elf palettes to arrive here in the philippines -also this photo of you and your friends looks like an AD for covergirl you girls look gorgeous!


Christine said...

this is amazing, i really want the urban decay pallette :)
And i just recieved the mac lipstick i bought from you, THANK YOU <3
Its an amazing color :)

xoxo Christine


helen1980 said...

I've given you an 'I love your blog' award. Please take a look at http://helen1980-helen1980.blogspot.com/ xxx

Vida La Glam said...

I was just about to break my wallet with that palette but then I ran in to this. I wish my target sold E.L.F! but thanks for sharing! love your blog, girl!

Diva Makeup said...

Hey that is so cool! I also did a video and blogpost showing exactly how Urban Decay and Elf are similar: http://divamakeupqueen.blogspot.com/2010/06/super-glam-dupe-me-tutorial-elf-dupes.html

jessica. xox said...

i love these palletes :] x