Pre Birthday - I love my girl friends!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lucky Ducky
Today I had early birthday lunch with my Dad, hes doing so much better than the last time that I saw him so I was very happy to spend time with him away from the hospital. When I walked through the front door I instantly noticed that there were decorations up. I figured maybe she was gonna have a party or something...I'm a ding dong! duh! It was for me!!! My roommate Crystal decorated our apartment with black gray and pink streamers, hung banners from the ceiling and hid balloons in my bedroom!
I was so shocked and felt sooo special! She invited over the rest of our little gang: Uncle Carl aka Carlos aka Carly lol aka MsCarlyCalifonia, B, and Brigitte to have an early birthday dinner.
Crystal made Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti. I wish I took a picture of it! I gobbled it down!
She also bought the cutest cake Ive ever seen! It was tiny and the perfect size for us! I loved it!
It was my birthday some where in the world...
I am so lucky to have such great friends. It is hard to find people in your life that will love you unconditionally and its even harder to find other women who will love you like theyre blood.
I love you Crystal, Carly, B, and Brigitte.
Thank you so much for me there for me when I needed you.
*Latina Kisses*

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REDLIZARDmake-up said...
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REDLIZARDmake-up said...

you are truly blessed to have such lovely amigas♥

Corina said...

aww u truly have some great friends its hard to find friends that stick around even when you have a kid... ...i wish my friends were the same unfortunately even after having a child for 2 years they still haven't came to the realization that i cant be partying and getting drunk like them but u are truly blessed to have the friends that u have...happy birthday and many more to come :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sonia!!! You have such fabulous girl friends who care for you so much.

Please check me out :) at

maliha862 said...

Happy birthday Sonia, wishing lots of happiness and many many more birthdays to come.
xx stay beautiful xx

BELLE said...

You are lucky and that is a blessing to have true friends. happy belated birthday.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sonia :) wish you the best and god bless you always xoxo

LadyEMC2TV said...

Aww that was so sweet and thoughtful of them. Las Mejores amigas en el mundo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIA!!!

frugalspender19 said...

Happy Birthday Boo!!! Glad to hear your dad is doing better and to see that you're doing a lot better. Life has really blessed you with a beautiful son and great girlfriends. :) Have a great one.

Shell :) said...

awww yuu have really good friends.. yuur blessed..

please check out my blog.. i just started and i want new ideas...

jblock321 said...

Happy Birthday Sonia!

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Anonymous said...

and dulce your bff?

Daniela's Day said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Sorry, I just started following.
You are so right about being blessed to have great friends!

I can see you also LOVE your son...I'm impressed, 2nd blogger today that impresses me like that :)