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Sunday, February 24, 2013

There is a huge difference between want and NEED. I know I don't need this stuff but I have certainly placed them all in an online shopping bags...just to seconds later hit the little red button to save myself from a swift kick to the bank account. 

We all have WISH LISTS or DROOL LISTS and this is mine:

I love the bright color on the new  speedy bandouliere from LV, but I would get this little honey in black. I love it with or without the shoulder strap. Thoughts?
 I swear I have been on a hunt for these nude Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps for months and I can't find them in my size or the height that I want. I need them in a 38, Chicago help a sister out!!
 I heard these are not the most comfortable style because of how high they are but I really want the blush or the red

Pigalle Spikes 100 patent-leather pumps

I don't think Id ever buy white shoes, maybe if I was to ever be a bride....maybe. 
 The ALMA BB is too freakin' cute I can't stand it! I think I might make it look even smaller if I hold it but I don't care! I still WANT it! It comes in other colors but something about the blush hits the right spot in my closet ;)
The thing about these ridiculous luxury material things is that they are just that, ridiculous. They are my ridiculous rewards to myself for doing something awesome! Awesome is not just having a great day, awesome is overcoming something that has been hindering my happiness or success and I reward myself greatly! I would never suggest rewarding yourself beyond your means. So if you have to charge it, don't do it! Save for it and it will mean that much more!!

Thank you for reading and drooling with me!!

*Latina Kisses*

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basicallybrandy said...

I love all of these! You have great taste.


Anonymous said...

You claim you don't have health insurance but buy over priced shoes and bags. Materialistic.

Chic Out of Town said...

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Marissa Saunders said...

OMG I LOVE all of it!

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Anonymous said...

LMAO! I bet that second comment was from Amy Sing who's massively trolling her luxury haul video atm! She posted the exact same comment there! ANYWAYS! Love LOVE LOVEeee all these! And those shoes! DAMN!!!!

Kosmetyczna Hedonistka said...

Love the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes! What is the cost?


Jackie Harrison said...

Love it all.

Mae said...

I love the nude pumps! :O


Temi Truly said...

Fabulous choices!!! Love the Louboutin's and Louis Vuitton purse!

❤ Temi Truly

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Anthea Lau said...

those louboutin heels are super cool and fun!

Check out my new outfit post featuring new label Suck Is Free! :)

Anonymous said...

A post on more realistic purchases reaches out to your readers, versus items only the wealthy can afford. Just a tip ;) they are great items though!

Nora said...

I think if I were to have a wish list it would be too long for me to even remember the top ten eventually. But yeah, I like your choices.

On an unrelated note, fruits are great to get your hair nice, shiny and thick. Try it out for a while and see for yourself.

Have a great day!

lim siong said...

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lim siong said...

love your blog http://robedegrandetaille.blogspot.com

Purple Ivy said...

My oh my those heels are mega lush.


Jessica S said...

Girlfriend!! When are you going to update your blog!? I miss it!