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Friday, October 29, 2010

La Tolteca
Carly and I planned a lunch date at one of the popular local Mexican restaurants in Azusa, Ca. La Tolteca has been a favorite place to dine in since I was in High School!
On our way to pick up our close friend, Brigitte, Dunka knocked out. He's such a sound sleeper! Hes had the food here before, so I was sure to wake up so he could have a good lunch.
Yes...hes not wearing shoes. He hates shoes! I had his vans in my bag because that little monkey learned how to remove them while being buckled in his car seat, smart little guy.
Say Hola to Brigitte. I'm not sure if she has graced the pages of this blog yet, but here she is! Shes expecting a baby boy early next year!
I don't think I have ever ordered anything but a #9 Chicken Enchilada plate haha.

The chips are soooo good that for every sports event, especially UFC/MMA, my family orders a bucket of salsa and a box of chips from this place...and I know of a dozen more ppl who do it too.
Jude is such a character! He stole my hat. I don't know what has gotten into him lately, but when he was a little younger he hated hats!
I love my good eater I think its funny that we all order the same thing every time we visit. Carly is tearing up some taquitos with extra thick guacamole.
Doesn't it seem like I am always eating? Haha! And I have been getting tons of comments saying I'm too skinny now, cant please'em all.
A little outfit post never hurt anyone.
I have been trying new things, I am currently in love with bright colors and combat boots.
I wish I took a better picture of these bad boys but I guess I wasn't thinking and its too late now. I'm barefoot typing this mother out lol.
I got my boots at ROSS Dress for Less Store in Azusa, Ca yesterday and as soon as these big brown eyes saw them...I knew they had to be mine! I tried to look them up online in case anyone wanted a pair but I couldn't find them. They are by Sam & Libby
*drawing a heart in the air*
My bright sweater is by FOREVER21. I found it tossed with random items on the floor...it was a diamond in the rough lol. That bright blue stood out like no other. I tried looking for it on their website but this is all I could find. CLICK Haha! Jude wanted to "help".
My glasses - by NYS COLLECTION, I think that was the brand. They were sold at a little hut in the middle of the mall for $10. Just look for thick black frames with clear lenses.
Plain white tank - purchased at Target
Skinny Stretch Jeans - I don't remember where I bought them, I'm horrible...I know.
On my lips I had "Chaos" lipstick by NYX. This red is ridiculous. I love it. I am whitening my teeth...in the process...so I am feeling more confident about smiling with bright lip colors.

For a more natural look...which is always my 'go to' lip color "Fairest Nude" by Loreal Paris found at drugstores.
My monkey is ready for bed -_-
Its been a long week, and I needed some retail therapy...so a haul is coming soon!
What is your favorite pair of shoes right now? Where can we get them? How do you feel about the red lipstick?
*Latina Kisses*

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De'Shelle said...

Sonia.. You are very Gorgeous.
Please keep making Videos and doing blogs.
F*** the haters.

Your the best!

HollyElise said...

I love the red lipstick! Love love love.

And Dunka is so.adorable.


Gigi said...

I like the bright colors and combat boots. It's definitly a different style and younger but i luv it cuz it's more daring.

Esther said...

you look good! and please keep eating because its something you enjoy:p -an eater here commenting.
if people dont like the way you look then they can fuck off because you are okay with you body and they have no right to judge you..
And then if you gain weight, you'll start hearing them saying you should loose some weight, I think its just plain rude and unrespectful.
You boy is sooo cuute^^
The outfit I love. and those shoes...am thinking of investing in one pair of them or something similar to them.

Have a great weekend.

Cassie said...

you look so much like Eva Longoria-Parker!! pretty girl!

t.MaRiE said...

favorite shoes right now are ankle boots or a nude pump im also loving cheetah prints in shoes...and forever21 has great choice's also aldo..and bakers is good..and im loving red lips lately and red nails...i really love this makeup look ht red pops on youuu sexxxayyy XoXo t.Marie


Anonymous said...

why do you always pucker your lips out?

Anonymous said...

i think you look great girly!!!

the red lipstick is perfect!! you look even prettier when you smile with your teeth like that! :)

cute pics! love the boots! ive been wanting to get some. ive been telling my husband that he should get some combat boots and i should get some too! :) very nice blog!

Anonymous said...

too skinny? You dont look too skinny, you look the same. Your son is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your legs look super skinny!

Love the sweater but those glasses look funny, like a cartoon :/ I total get it but... IDK just too fake.

Alexandra said...

you look like the feminine version of Kassem G.
I like this look

zafiro said...

amazing!! love everything you poston your blog and your style is unique

Anonymous said...

hey sonia i found the blue hoodie on forever 21 website..hope tht helps and here's the link :)


Jennie said...

Hi! I definately think your weights great now, it reminds me of ur first videos very pretty, loving the lipstick and glasses.

Christine said...

You always look so pretty sweetie, love your sweather :)

xoxo Christine


NeutraKris said...

You look fabulous! I really like the glasses on you. Your meals looked delish! Stay gorgeous Honey and don't let the haters get you down.


Anonymous said...

I love Dunka he's the cutes thing ever if I ever had a kid hopefullY its like him. Anyways, I love this style of yours its SO unique something completely diff. This is the type of things a fashionista looks like; unlike, others. Furthermore, I love how you look now your a lot more confident and powerful. Concerning your weight issues I just have to say your beautiful and as long as your healthy that is all that matter.
And I am definitely into the red lip thing even though its an old trend I just got the hang of it LOVE it.
Well I wrote an essay here.


Jasmine said...

I am loving cowboy boots too... I got a banging black pair from GOJANE.COM and I'm loving them. they have a double buckle in the back but zip up on the side. they are to die for. But um I dont really like red on me because im a darker skin tone. However i will rock a bright pink/fushia lip. and i love your blog.

Andrea. said...

You need to wear red more often! :) Looks great on you. I def want a pair of those glasses.

Mei Mei said...

Love the red lips!! I love using Viva Glam Cyndi... Dunka is too cute as always. I'm dying to find cute beige shoes but Aldo shoes are so uncomfortable ;( any suggestions? http://meimeisbeautyblog.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

your r stunning and all ur post r amazing i also must say that you look like the actress Itatí Cantoral http://gacetadulceparaiso.blogspot.com/2008/05/itat-cantoral-considera-su-embarazo-un.html

so much! maybe u can do a blog on her like a look alike.

Anonymous said...

You're so so so pretty but those dumb ass glasses take away from it :/
I thought the 3-D glasses thing was only for middle school lol

Anonymous said...

Too skinny? No, definitely not. You look great. I can tell you've lost a little weight, but nothing extreme. Not sure what all these so called other people saying you're too skinny are seeing???

Anonymous said...

Right?? You don't look skinny! You look good. It's good to be thick,

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous. I love your style as well. What program do you use to edit your photos?

Anonymous said...

I think the Nude lipstick looked better.

BELLE said...

You look lovely....red lipstick i love my fav would have to be Russian Red from Mac...

Anonymous said...

seriously you are so freaking pretty! not that you dont always look good but lately you have been looking extra pretty! love the glasses! and also your body looks amazing too! lol sorry i sound like a psycho but i was just browsing all your pics and was just blown away! beauty shines from within!

hairbytony said...

were did you get those glasses hope you can writeback thanks doll.