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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now Showing: JACKASS 3D
Today I was in a good mood and wanted to get out and go to the movies. I haven't been to the movies in over 2 months, and there are so many good movies out. I didn't want to see a scary movie or a love story (lord knows why) I decided on JACKASS 3D.

Ive seen there two past movies so I couldn't miss there latest hit. I heard so much about it from everyone on Facebook and Twitter, so I had to go see what the buzz was all about.

Getting into the spirit of things I threw on a Navy hat (thanks Kris haha) and my 3D shades. These are so stylish compared to the red and blue plastic sheet paper glasses I grew up with. Even though Johnny Knoxville is getting up there in age, I still think hes hot haha.
Before the movie started, we had to grab some snacks. I always get a kids pack: small popcorn, small drink, and a fun size candy. Its the perfect size! The difference between the two packs is Carly had an Icee and I added jalapenos to my popcorn ahaha.
I'm sure the people around us where like what the heck are they taking pictures for??
For my blog of course, Silly.
I don't want to give any parts of the movie away. All I have to say is that it was so disgusting! I almost vomited on myself twice, and Carly and I had to cover our eyes and just listened to some scenes. Its a total guy movie, but it made us laugh literally out loud!
To be honest, I think this movie would be just as good without the 3D. I don't think much popped out for it to be considered a "3D" movie.
For the both of us to see this movie was $30, and snacks were $13.
I was constantly checking my phone. My mom was watching him while I got a break for 2 hours.
When I walked in, he was sleeping in my moms arms and she said "He was an angel". I thought she was joking. He's so attached to me I figured he would be freaking out. I'm always with my little man, and its rare that we are apart. Each time that he was watched I am always told that he walks around looking for me. I love my bunny. I feel bad when I leave him for a few hours, but this mama needs a break sometimes.
Have you seen this movie? What did you think?
*Latina Kisses*

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Beauty♕Ambition★ said...

i havent seen it yet but now i want to watch it!
people have told me about some parts and i just wanted to vomit so i think im just going to wait til it comes out on DVD lol

Anonymous said...

Looks like u guys had fun even if u almost blew chunks,lol. And I like the bright lips stick your sporting.

Anonymous said...

I havent seen it but I want to see it...
And I just went to the movies and it can get pricey!

Theresa B. said...

:D I love that you wore that hat to the movie. I agree the 3D trend isn't worth it on alot of the movies they put out in 3D. Hell yeah Knoxville is still smoking hahaha

yesivinn said...

I totally agree! Some it is SOO funny and some is sooooo disgusting! And i def. agree that it honestly does not need 3D..there needed to be more 3D scenes. I did like it though :)

Anonymous said...

i loved the movie
ad your right its a total GUY movie.
that why i went with my hubby
but i laughed and almost threw up which was really weird because im studding to be a csi..

xoxo2319 said...

i saw this and couldnt stop laughing

i am totally with you on thinking that johnny knoxville is hot..he is sooo attractive

Anonymous said...

love ur blog n vids !! i was wondering what foundation do you wear ?? xxx

miss.xcarmenx said...

your son!.. he's such a handsome young boy.. the movie i agree it wasnt much that popped out at first i thought it was the glasses that werent working right.. but i asked the bf and he said the same.. we had free tickets so we coudln't complain much but it was nasty.. and too much... it would have been fine just on mtv.

Anonymous said...

i havent seen it yet n dont want to! i cant stand movies like that lol but glad u have fun. n aw jude is so cute hes gonna be such a momma's boy when hes older!

Anonymous said...

lol my bf wants to see jackass lol hmm .. but i so dont want to like vomit or loose my appetite lol