MAC Venomous Villains Collection for Disney - Haul

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yet another collection by MAC Cosmetics
Venomous Villains
The most popular evil villains from Disney movies where the theme's inspiration. I was so excited about this collection. As an art lover, I was drawn in by the sketches of the charcters on the packaging.
To be completely honest, the photography was amazing because they made the products and the images look awesome. Some of them, for example, the eyeshadows looked like they were stickers.
They reminded me of the play makeup you would see in the girls section at WalMart. Don't get me wrong, I did like SOME of the collection and this is what I got:
The first item was a powder blush "Bite of an Apple" - Evil Queen
This is a soft coral pink that looks gorgeous on tan skin. I was a little worried it was going to be on the red side, being its inspiration was an apple, but it was the perfect dark pink.
Maleficent - "She who Dares" Minearlize Eyeshadow Duo
Described as a Deep pink with pink pearl /Deep plum with purple pearl. There were a lot of black and silver swirled throughout the eyeshadow as well. This will give you a colorful twist to the traditional smokey eye.
Cruella de Vil - "Innocence, Bewear!" Cremesheen Lipstick
This was a very nice nude lip color. The only thing I could compare it too would probably be "Myth" but instead of the matte finish, its smooth and creamy.
"Formidable" Nail Lacquer. I swatched on a bare nail at the MAC Counter and I feel in love. I am actually wearing it on my nails right now and it looks pretty interesting. You will definitely need a few coats of this polish and a good top coat to get the full effect.
The last item I picked up was not from the same collection.
I didn't hear any buzz on the Pro Longwear Collection, but was attracted to it buy all of the different shades they had available for the lipcremes.
"Till Tomorrow"
I really like the texture of this lipstick. Its very smooth and leaves my lips feeling conditioned, unlike a lot of the permanent lipsticks can be very drying.
Me and Dunka took a little break after we hit the mall. I got there before the doors opened to make sure that I had time to swatch everything and ensure they weren't sold out of anything.
Happy Hauling everyone! Let me know what you got from this collection.
A haul video is soon to come as well.
*Latina Kisses*

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Lyricallyness said...

Great Haul! That Blush looks like a must to have! Time to Shop! woot!

Charming Vanity said...

Love the blush and the lipstick. The colors are so pretty!


Claudia said...

I really love your makeup in these photos Sonia. Thanks for the post. Could you do a tutorial on the makeup look from this post if you can? I would love that! Thanks girl! Keep up the great work! =^..^=

Katie said...

If you get the chance, next time a new collection is coming out go a day or two early and pre-order items :) i did that for this collection because everything was sold out online..they have the displays and everything set out for preorders so you can still swatch everything!

Anonymous said...

Your skin looks a little ruff in these pics but I'm loving the lips sticks.

Anonymous said...

Let me nuffify that loser's comment. Your skin looks beautiful as always!

Aki No Yuutsu said...

I love Maleficent!!!
And that nude is a beautiful color!!!

BeBaLiciOus said...

love love love your blogs! God bless lil dunka :)

Dianna said...

I saw this post last night and right after my 8 am class I went straight to my MAC store! It was my first time buying MAC cosmetics since I don't like to spend much on make up but I absolutely LOVE Disney so I didn't mind forking over a wot of cash for it!

korina said...

Love your vest!

Anonymous said...

I got both duo shadows from maleficent and the same nail polish, I'm regreting not getting bite of an apple, bad fairy nail polish, and this other lipglass or whatever it was from the evil queen. Hopefully the mac store at my mall still has one of the 3 things I want but if not oh well

GREEDS said...

I really love the "She Who Dares" eye shadow + the "Till Tomorrow" lipstick. Really pretty! Great pick-ups + you look beautiful, as always.

AestheticAnonymous said...

I really want some Mac venomous villain stuff! :D

Anonymous said...

That has got to be the best picture of you and jude i have ever seen !! and you are look fab girl wow !!! great haul i love the products of this collection .. please check out my blog sonia i did a haul post also =] and follow please i only have 10 followers =[

xo Jess

**Megan** said...

Love the nude lip! You look great as always! :)

Samantha said...

I got the dev-il eye shadow and like it. I also got the hot house lip glass.My favorite thing ever it's the best bright pink color.
For my first mac stuff ever I like.:)

Rachel said...

I just got the "My Dark Magic" mineralize eyeshadow duo and "Revenge is Sweet" lipglass from the Maleifiecnt part of the collection, "Resort Life" lipglele from Dr. Faciller and for my friend for her birthday I got her "Devilishly Stylish" lipglass from the Cruella part. I love like everything in this collection!!! <3

Kimi said...
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KiMi D said...

xx KiMi D