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Friday, October 12, 2012

If you follow me on my YouTube channel you would know that I had the amazing opportunity to work with COVERGIRL for the LATINA magazine Young Latinos in Hollywood event at the LONDON HOTEL WEST HOLLYWOOD. If you haven't seen my video coverage you can view it here

I had a long day a head of me, hair and makeup needed to be started in the hotel before I got in front of the camera. I didn't realize how much work filming with a full crew was, and also how fun it would be. These next shots of me looking crazy is because the camera guy said "teeth" to smile with teeth, then he quickly said "no teeth" hahaha like he changed his mind! I was ready to karate chop him till explained his method of capturing a natural smile, it worked. I also didn't need very much blush cause I turned radish red from laughing so hard. 
 Im getting my makeup prepped for filming by celebrity makeup artist and super friendly Latina Elizabeth Ulloa. I had to practice her name so many times haha. I love the VIP treatment just like the rest of you! I got to order whatever I wanted from room service, that sounds silly but it makes me feel "cool" haha. Its the simple things in life that get me excited. 
 Next we hit the rooftop for footage of the makeup application before the party began.
 The scene was quickly transforming from rooftop comfortable to hollywood chic. 
 Flowers! There were arrangements everywhere!
 The event was sponsored by MOET, I had a couple of glasses and it was pretty good!
 While I was being directed where to stand, sit, and do my thang haha I noticed my favorite DJ and fellow Latino Anthony Valadez setting up! I was so excited to hear a lot of my jams. He's got a new album out too, check it out here. My favorite song is "Asleep".
 This is what one of 3 or 4 beauty stations set up for guests to receive complementary products and makeup pick-me-ups. 
  RED CARPET TIME!! I was so nervous when I was told I would be doing interviews on camera! I have zero experience but I am comfortable having conversations with strangers, and I was talking about makeup, so I quickly got over it. Here are a few celebs that I interviewed:

The beautiful Melissa Marty, who had the most amazing body! Makes me want to dump my pumpkin late down the drain and do some squats lol.
 Eric Valadez knew so much about makeup it was awesome, he explain in detail what he loved women to wear.
 Crash - She was really nice and I loved her hair style!
Singer Sohanny - I asked her if she could only have one lip color for the rest of her life she said bright red! I would pick a plum red ;)
 Disney star Bella Thorne, She was so pretty I couldn't get over it! Her fresh makeup is "everyday makeup" worthy.
 I wish there was more footage of my interview with Diego Boneta, he was really nice and serious with the eye contact haha. He loves girls natural with their hair pulled back.  All guys say that but like I told Diego, guys go after the girl who is all dolled up when they are out and about. 
 Actor / Dancer Ryan Guzman, he was the friendliest of all of them and dressed the most casual. He loves women who wear red lipstick and apparently doesn't mind it getting all over the place. This made me think if thats ever happened because red is not easy to remove from your face! I wish I was wearing his boots and not my heels because my feet were ready to disown me by this point. 
 Super nice and energetic Carla Santiago. She was lead of this project and I was so blessed to work with an amazing brand like COVERGIRL even if it was just for the day. 
;) CALL ME!! *Hand at face*
 A little peek at the party. It quickly got packed. I was interviewing for a while so by the time I got up there, I got to say hi to a few people, but then it was time to head home.
 Latina Bloggers represent!! WOOT WOOT!
 One of my favorites to interview, Gina Rodriguez, and Jose Resendez!
 I really enjoyed this post because I got to sit and remember how much fun this was. I can see myself interviewing for a living, it was so fun! I can't believe how much my life has changed in a few years thanks to YouTube and simply being Latina and proud! God is good!
*Latina Kisses*

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Laura Salinas said...

Good job Sonia! Truly Blessed you are! You have come a long way girl! :)

Mamita said...

Congrats, Thank you for representing Latinas... God bless.

Paulina Mo said...

Wow it looks like an amazing event! Congrats!! Latina Bloggers represent! ;)

Valeria Alvarez said...

It seems such a fun event!!, I´m Latina too so This types of events are great for me, thanks for bringing this

<3 Val

sweetsusy6 said...

That is so awesome! Congrats! Many blessings to you and your fam.

Maria said...

Congratulations! It's inspiring to see a Latina come so far. Keep up the good work! It's a joy to watch you.


P.S. Brand new latina blogger:


Wasifa Ahmad said...

haha! The 1st two pictures- priceless! Loved reading it!

Yanira Garza said...

I'm so glad Jose pinned his photo with Gina so I could discover your blog! So lucky to have worked with Carla, she is amazing. Looking forward to spending the day browsing your blog! XO


Alessia Turturro said...

I love your looks. Take a look here

TheFF said...

Girls, check out this great fashion website and facebook page! It's filled with fashion tips, outfit ideas, and info on the latest fashion trends! Don't forget to like!

Veronica Cid said...

Nice meeting you last week at the TRESemme hair event. I was looking through your blog and discovered a picture of me...what a small world. I was this party too last year...LOL
Hope to see you at more fabulous events.