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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Standard - Los Angeles
This bar is amazing. This was the second time I have been there and it was better than the first. I'm not much of a drinker, and neither are my friends, but we love to get out and meet new people. Carly knows all of the hot spots in L.A. and she was dying to take us to The Standard.
Its known for the chic music and beautiful view of the city.
The thing that I loved about this roof top bar was the scenery. They have a lot of cool contemporary furniture which are conversation starters in itself.
I loved the huge comfy couches. I felt like I was at home with out a roof lol. It was really fun.
For the first half hour we scoped out the place looking for interesting people to talk to.
We ran into a group of journalists from England, their accents were killer, and they were in town to test the new CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS game coming out this fall.
Yes, it made me think of Kris because hes been waiting for that game to come out.
Funny how things work out.
These are water beds! People hop in these as soon as the bar opens because they are so cool, next time we have to go sooner! Being that I have Jude all to myself now, we showed up late because I had to make sure that Jude was asleep before leaving him with the sitter, Carly's mom. Of course I need to get out and relieve some stress, but its so hard to be away from my bunny for even an hour.
The view of Los Angeles is gorgeous.
Carly is always camera ready. Lord knows what Crystal is looking at lol.
I know, you are right, she needs to calm down. HAHA. J/k. She did end up having the most fun out of all of us. Crystal is usually the most popular out of all of us. It must be that master piece on her arm.
We ended the night on a good note, smiles all around. We didn't want to go home, but we were going to turn into pumpkins. What is your favorite spot to go to when you are in L.A.?
*Latina Kisses*

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beautyjunkee said...

You girls look gorgeous. I didn't know The Standard was a bar, I thought it was club type of place. Now I wanna go!

katsue said...

this place looks nice :) I wish I visited L.A. someday :) you look pretty!

Christine said...

such a beautiful place, you all look so pretty <3

xoxo Christine

Miss C i n d i a * said...

Ah, LA. A city that made me genuinely happy. I must visit soon!

iamjess03 said...

what happened to the hubby? On military duty? =(

Queenie Keisha's Beauty Blog said...

You dolls look Gorgeous! Thanks for the idea. My Boyfriend is coming to CA for the first time in March and I needed help getting together great places to take him to and the Standard looks like a good place.

joolee said...

I've never been to the Standard, but I've heard about it.. I just went to the Conga Room @ LA Live, and i was pleasently surprised.. It had a live band w/salsa and all the top songs mixed in between breaks... plus its only 10 bucks to get in on the guestlist and u get a free drink!! tht got me won over lol

anyways.. girl, u will get thru this tough time.. you will come out stronger for ur lil adorable baby boy and urself <3

VeronicaGlam said...

I've been there once, and I must go back, these pictures reminded me of the fun times there :) Though I do not drink, the ambiance is excellent.

Immortalbeauty27 said...

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Stephanie Arcos said...

Sonia! you have to visit Descanso Gardens! It is SOOO pretty there! me and my girlfriends just go there to walk around, and chat :) it's a nice picnic spot too! Let me know if you go! :)

Anonymous said...

I love nature and the beach! I think the best place to just get a beautiful view of the ocean and the catalina islands is Palos Verdes and "The Korean Bell" in San Pedro!
Girl you need to try this place out! Best sandwiches!

and for Orange County