Splish Splash

Monday, September 27, 2010

112 Degree Heatwave - Perfect night for a dip!
Jude's cousin, Tommy Lee, came over for a couple of hours tonight. When he set his eyes on the kiddie pool we had out back he quickly got down to his chonies and hopped in!
Jude was a little copy cat, he did everything his older cousin did. Jude is still working on his balance, so he took a few head first dives that scared me half to death.
He slipped many times but that didn't stop him. Jude is in his naked stage and likes taking off his diaper, hes a character. He has about 4 pairs of swim trunks but he'd rather be 'free' like the wind haha.
Look at that smile. How could you ever say no to him. I love my little prince!
Splish Splash!
I was a little scared Jude wouldn't like the splashing but who was I kidding. He loved it!
I have so many memories of when me and my cousins had sleepovers and went to my grandmothers house and climbed trees. It warms my heart to see my son with my brother's son Tommy making memories together.
Family is everything. Nothing, NOTHING is better.
*Latina Kisses*

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Anonymous said...

These pictures make me smile!! Jude looks adorable!

Keirasluckycharm said...

Very true! family comes first. <3

joolee said...

He is adorable!!! Family is key! ...

u kno, before; i hardly saw Jude smile... don't know wht else is going on, but i think he's more comfortable w/UR stability... just saying

ur better off <3

estmommy09 said...

He is so darn cute! =)

I let my 1 year old son play in the tub with my 3 year old sister once and he also scared me to death lol 'cause he didn't know how to balance yet and he's still learning but getting better.

I love it when you post so many pictures of Jude, he is just so cute!!

God bless<3

hizles said...

Adorable ... get him started young on swimming, I wish my parents had done that.


siwing said...

i love how your camera picks up every single drop of water that is splashing! what camera do you use?

jude is as adorable as ever! it's so funny that he's in a nakey stage.. lol

katsue said...

yeah, you're right - family is everything :)
I've read that you want to cut your hair! nooooo! your hair are beautiful, I am jealous of them and I want mine to the way like yours are :D
nice pictures, I see that Jude love water so much - just like me when I was little :D
kisses :*

LittleMuki said...

OMG, they r so so cute. God bless you with that kid and your family :))

Anonymous said...

Hey what happened? I realized you deleted the girls night out post with the strippers! How come?

Leah ♥ said...

I agree %100! those two babies are so cute! I love when theyre that age!

C_onstance. said...

Oh so cute little Boys <3

xoxo C.